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Facebook Ad | How to make a Facebook ad – Step by Step

Now, with the massive growth of online advertising platforms, there is a lot of choice for anyone who wants to work as a financier for your business, But despite the multitude of platforms, Facebook is a particularly important platform, in which you can achieve great results through creating your Facebook Ad.

Also, Facebook has a huge number of users spend hours for browsing it daily, And last year Facebook users exceeded 2 billion users.

Facebook also knows more and more about its users, more than any other advertising platform, which is giving you great targeted opportunities as an online marketer.

facebook ad

In fact, if you have a limited budget dedicated to creating paid ads, there is one platform you should promote on, which is Facebook.

In this topic, I will try to put in your hands everything you need, in order to make your first Facebook ad.

At the end of the article, you will have a few assets in hand, which will enable you to make a successful sponsored Facebook ad that will increase your profits from your business.

Steps to make a Facebook ad

Step 1: you need to have an acceptable payment method for Facebook.

  • To create an advertising campaign with Facebook, you must have an online payment method to pay for your funded advertising.
  • It is worth mentioning that, the payment methods accepted by Facebook may vary from country to country, But credit cards are an option which is available to everyone.
  • Visit the following link on Facebook to find out the payment method which is accepted for your country.
  • After opening the site, go to the character that your country begins, and then click on your country’s name to show data for accepted payment methods.

Step 2: create a Facebook page

  • You must be an admin, editor or advertiser of the Facebook page in order to be able to make a sponsored advertisement on Facebook.
  • You can create a Facebook page according to the purpose you want to make your sponsored Facebook ad.
  • Also for marketing to third parties must be at least an advertiser to the page Facebook client in order to be able to work advertising campaign, This is according to Facebook policies.

Step 3: create an ad account on Facebook

  • This is the easiest step in creating an ad campaign on Facebook.
  • When opening your facebook account, click the arrow on the right beside the question mark.
  • You will see the Create ads tab as shown below.

facebook ad

  • You will then enter your ad account, specifically the settings for creating an ad campaign.
  • Close this page as shown in the image below, so you first enter your payment data.

facebook ad

  • Now click the gear icon in the top right to enter the page of the ad account settings.
  • Through this page, you can adjust the account settings, through the tabs in the top left under the ” Setting ” word.


facebook ad

With these tabs you can adjust your ad account, which are:

  • Ad Accounts:
    • You can adjust your timing and adjust your preferred currency when paying for the sponsored Facebook ad,
    • Also, You can choose a special name for your ad account.
  • Pages:
    • You can access the settings of Facebook page you manage (the same settings that you can set through your normal account),
    • But it’s just a feature to easily access page settings through your Ad Account.
  • Payment Settings:
    • With this tab, you can enter payment data, add a new payment method or delete a payment method in the account.

Step 4: Steps to prepare a Facebook Ad campaign

  • Now, Click the setting tab in the top left of your ad account,
  • Then Click on the ads manager option on the dropped menu as shown below.

facebook ad

  • Because your account is new you will not find any campaigns in the account.
  • To start creating a new sponsored advertisement, click the ‘ Create ad ‘ green button on the top right,
  • As it is shown in the following picture.

facebook ad

  • After that, you will go to a page in which you will start preparing your sponsored Facebook ad.
  • It’s worth mentioning that, creating a Facebook Ad is very easy,
  • As all you need to do is choose some simple options that match your marketing goal.

Step 5: Choose your campaign goal

  • There are many types of sponsored ads that you can create on Facebook,
  • The type of ad depends on the purpose of its creation.
  • You will find marketing goals divided into 3 sections, as shown below.

facebook ad

  • The 3 Sections are;
    • Awareness: It means awareness and is intended for marketers who want to get fame for the brand, and reach as many interested people.
    • Consideration: It is intended for sponsored ads which made to send link visits to your site, install an application, or watch a video.
    • Conversion: The conversion is intended for more advanced advertising campaigns whose goals are accurate, such as sales catalog ads to achieve sales.
  • Choose the option that matches your ad’s goal, Then select a name for your ad campaign, then click the continue button.
  • We will assume here that the goal of your Facebook Ad is to send visitors to your site,
  • So, I will choose the traffic option in the Consideration column.

Step 6: Adjust the targeting options

Now you will go to a long page with many options divided into tables.

Table 1:

  • Choose a name for the ad that will be used to appear in reports and notifications.

Table 2 ( Traffic ):

  • It has a button to cancel all the options you have selected and returned to the default options.
  • It can be used to start resetting the options instead of closing the page and starting again.

Table 3 ( Offer ):

  • This is an advanced option that is run if there is an offer that you would like to display to visitors of your site.
  • They will save it and are notified later, Such as discounts on certain products, for example.
  • You can get to know this feature better here.

Table 4 ( Audience ):

  • It contains options that are very important for your advertisement.
  • It is one of the most important elements of the success of your Facebook ad.
  • These are the most important areas to fill.
    • Location: Choose the name of the countries or cities where you’d like your Facebook Ad to appear.
    • Age: Select the age range you want to target.
    • Choose the type of male or female you would like to target.
    • Languages: The language or languages you’d like to target in your Facebook Ad campaign.
    • Detailed Targeting: Select the interests or demographic divisions you want to target.
      • Click on the ” suggest ” link and you will be prompted to select a list.
      • Or you can type the first letter of the word that reflects your audience and you will get the options you can choose from.

Table 5 ( Placements ):

  • It is about where you want to place your Facebook Ad, as there are a lot of places where your ad can appear.
  • You can leave this option as it is or you can modify it.
    • For example, you can cancel the appearance of your ad on Instagram, or in messages or instant articles.
    • Also, you can cancel all places and target only one place to show your ad.

Table 6 ( Budget & schedule ):

  • It is concerned with budget and schedule, where you can set the daily budget you want.
  • Also, you can set the cost of the ad or leave it to be determined based on the auction.
  • Furthermore, you can specify the method of calculating the same cost, whether based on clicks or 1000 impressions.
  • Finally, press the Continue button.

Step 7: Set how the Facebook Ad will appear to users

  • This step can be very easy if you have already published a post on your Facebook page to use it as a Facebook Ad.
  • This is an explanation of the contents of this settings page.
    • Table1: Choose a name for the Facebook Ad (the post you’ll promote), Which is should be different from the names you chose in the previous steps.
    • Table2: Specify whether you are going to make a new post or promote a post that already published on the page.
    • Table3: You will find the option of Facebook and Instagram, If you have more than one Facebook page, select the page you want to advertise from.
    • Table4 Left: You can choose one of the posts on the page, or create a new post to use in the sponsored Facebook Ad.
    • Table4 Right: It is a simulation display of your Facebook Ad format in the places you have chosen (for example; in the side column on Facebook, or on Instagram)
  • Finally, press the confirm button.
  • You will find a button next to the Confirm button which is called Review,
    • Through which you can view and review all the options to make sure they are correct or modify them.
  • Now, congratulations you have a Facebook ad which is under review.
  • Facebook will review your ad and will send you approval ( if your ad is compatible with Facebook ad policies ).

Important tips for creating a successful Facebook Ad

  1. Select your marketing goal very carefully

    • If you want to achieve good results, you must clearly define your goal of the sponsored ad.
    • Determining the goal accurately will help you create a well-sponsored Facebook Ad because in this case, you know well what you want.
  2. The image is a very important element in Facebook Ad

    • Choose an image that is clear, of high quality, and attractive for your Facebook Ad.
    • Also, from the ideas that have proved successful in choosing the image of the ad’s image, the idea of creating a strange and striking image.
    • The strategy of strange images generates curiosity for a Facebook user, which make them interact with the post.
  3. Get the biggest advantage with your targeting options

    • One of the most important elements of the success of your Facebook Ad is good targeting.
    • For example, in many cases targeting specific cities comes with great results, Compared to targeting a whole country.
  4. Get ideas from your competitors

    • Sponsored ads for competitors will give you a great idea of how to design your ad and will give you new ideas for creating posts to use in your Facebook Ad.
  5. Put your Facebook Ad in the right place

    • We mentioned before that there are lots of places Facebook allows to place your Facebook Ad,
    • So you have to think well of which place is the most suitable, and of the nature of your targeted users.
  6. Trust that you can always achieve better results from Facebook Ad

    • You have to do a lot of campaigns with changing certain elements, such as targeting, image, ad title or description.
    • Even if your sponsored Facebook Ad makes a good profit, that does not mean that there is no a better outcome can be achieved.
  7. Design a special ad for each category you target

    • For example, if you want to make a Facebook Ad to target countries, such as; the US, UK, and France.
    • In this case, a single Ad to target the 3 countries may not be the best option.
    • But, it is smart to make three ads, As one Facebook Ad for each country, according to its own culture and style.


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