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Clear cache android to increase the phone storage

Clear cache android and increase phone storage

How many times has your phone found its memory full though it does not contain a lot of files? Which makes you have to delete some files, but in spite of that, after a short period the memory back full again and you think that the reason is the phone files, but that is not the reason,  the reason is that you need to clear cache android.

Clear cache android

  • What is the reason for the full memory despite the lack of files on the phone?

    • The reason is that the cache files are running a lot of memory space.
    • And the phone the phone speed becomes slower because of those files.
    • And these files lead to the inability of the phone to open applications and games due to lack of memory.

How to clear cache android and increase phone storage

  • You can delete the cache files and free up space in your phone without having to delete any file with the following steps:
    1. Go to the phone settings > Storage & USB > Internal storage.
    2. On the Internal storage page, look for Cached data, then you ‘ll see that these files occupy up to a few gigabytes of space.
      • Clear cache android
    3. Click on the Cached data and the following box will appear to you.
      • Clear cache android
    4. Choose OK and the phone will take less than one minute before all cached data be Cleared.
      • Clear cache android
  • Now, you can see that the Cached data value became zero, which means that the cache files are deleted.
  • And you will see the free space of the phone is increased by the value of cached data before deletion.
  • You will also notice a significant difference between
    • The speed of the phone before clearing the cache files and after deleting them.

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